iPod Touch W/ GMail

A long time ago, I didn’t trust that the current web-mail provider du jour would always and forever be my link to the outside world. And I don’t expect Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google to implement e-mail address portability. So, I got my own domain name and forward the e-mail to whatever service I’m currently using for web e-mail access. Right now that’s Google. But, when I follow the iPod Touch (henceforth referred to as the iTouch) directions for connecting it to my GMail account, I have to use the blarg@gmail.com e-mail address. But, no longer.

To work around it, Add an account (From inside the Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendar) and choose other. Enter your regular e-mail address and name, but pull the IMAP and SMTP server information from GMail’s iPhone help. Of course, to get SMTP to work, you need GMail to acknowledge that you’re using that e-mail address. That’s a story for another time.

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