Convert .3gp to .mpg

My wife and I got these cool Motorola phones a while back, the W490. We put some 2 GB memory cards in them and record videos of our kid with them. It mounts like a USB drive and we copy the videos off. Great fun for the whole family. Unfortunately, the phone saves it as a .3gp (WTF?). Being a Linux fiend, it just took a little Googling to get the video converted to a mpeg-2.

Step 1: Convert to MPEG 2

ffmpeg -y -i file.3gp -sameq -f mpegvideo -ar 32000 -ac 1 file.mpg

Optional Step 2: Flip video if you put the cell phone on it’s side

mencoder -vf rotate=2 -ovc lavc -oac copy file.mpg file_flip.mpg

Linux ROCKS!

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