Play Chicken and Save $50 On HP Laptops

I had been looking at getting a new laptop. I finally settled on one of the already-assembled HP ones since the price had been a little less expensive for what I wanted. I had looked on Amazon and the price wasn’t competitive, so I ordered it from HP. About 30 minutes after ordering the laptop from HP, the Amazon price dropped to $100 less than the Amazon order ($50 less and no sales tax). So I did want I hope any rational person would do. I bought the Amazon one also and planned to return the HP one. HP told me that they couldn’t cancel the order (only 1 hour after buying it) and that I would have to generate an RMA after receiving it.

After I receive the laptop, I contacted HP customer service and let them know that I wanted to return the laptop. After explaining my situation (and telling them that I did order the laptop I wanted already), they offered an additional $50 off to keep the laptop. So, by playing chicken with HP and threatening to return a laptop after getting it, you can save $50. And this is on top of any HP coupons that you can find out there.

I think this is a perverse incentive structure at HP, but, as long as it’s out there, go take advantage of it. In my case, HP would’ve been better off giving me a few hours to cancel my order before forcing me to take delivery – they lost because of it.

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