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Market Disruptions, Apple Style

Apple Insider has a thoughtful article on market disruption in the context of Apple products. Most interesting to me was how they broke down market disrupting products into 3 categories:

  • New Market Disruption: create a new product that no one knew they needed
  • Better Product: disrupts the high end of the marketplace by bringing new features that drive customers to upgrade
  • Lower Cost: disrupts the low end by decreasing the cost for customers who are already serviced in the marketplace

Their observation is that grabbing the low end is easier, but not necessarily more valuable. Apple has succeeded when they take new markets and make better products, then fill in the low end eventually.

Winners Keep Winning

The Harvard Business Review had a commentary on why winners keep winning. The gist of it is that a good win gives you access to things that make the next one easier. These can be broken up into a few groups

  • It feels good to win: your mood’s better, you better mood causes you to interact with people more, and you’re less defensive so you evaluate what you can do better more critically
  • You’re left alone to do better: when you’re winning, you get less interruptions to do the next thing. This is from yourself with negative self-talk, and then peers and bosses who intervene at moments of doubt.

How To Change The World

Guy Kawasaki has posted his thoughts on Steve Jobs. He listed 12 principles that Steve followed to success

  1. Experts are clueless.
  2. Customers cannot tell you what they need.
  3. Jump to the next curve.
  4. The biggest challenges beget best work.
  5. Design counts.
  6. You can’t go wrong with big graphics and big fonts.
  7. Changing your mind is a sign of intelligence.
  8. “Value” is different from “price.”
  9. A players hire A+ players.
  10. Real CEOs demo.
  11. Real CEOs ship.
  12. Marketing boils down to providing unique value.

No More E-mail Folders

An article flew by yesterday that highlights e-mail folders as a waste of time. This is the philosophy behind the GMail inbox.

Filing email in folders is a waste of timeIf you file your emails into folders in your email program you’re wasting your time, according to a study by IBM Research. The 345-user study found that people who used the search function in their email program could find relevant emails as easily as those who had categorised each email into folders.

Finding emails by searches took on average 17 seconds, versus 58 seconds finding the emails by folder. The likelihood of success – that is, finding the intended email – was no greater when it had been filed in a folder.